2017 Y2I Teens’ Testimonials

2017 Y2I Teens’ Testimonials“My Y2I experience was one like no other. Being able to explore the amazing country of Israel was a true eye-opener in so many ways. Israel was a place of comfort, warmth, love and happiness.”

Haley Lakind, Swampscott

“Now that I have been to Israel, it was amazing, to say the very least. Every stop we made, every market I explored, I fell more and more in love with this nation. Everywhere we walked, locals would ask us where we’re from, and welcome us home.”

 Jordan Heafitz, Marblehead 

“Y2I allowed me to reconnect with my Jewish culture, make new friends, and have an adventure like no other.”

Naomi Culliton, Swampscott

“I made friends that I’ll have for life and I went through experiences that have surely changed my life forever. I found that spark that will be forever lit inside me. That spark to be Jewish, and to be a proud Jew.”

Ben Gansenberg, Marblehead

“Y2I was not just any other trip or vacation, but I would describe it as a journey. Not one through harsh wilderness and various trials, but one towards self -development and realizations. After Y2I, Israel is not just another country, Israel is home.”

Jared Book, Lynnfield

“I didn’t really understand what it meant to be Jewish before I went and learned on this trip. Now I have a better understanding of the people, place, and culture.”

Molly Albert, Marblehead

“Y2I was truly a life changing experience worth so much because it brings Jewish people together from across the world. The Y2I experience brought a Jewish community together teaching kids to have a sense of identity in the oldest active religion on the planet.  These experiences are truly vital and have changed my world views as a whole.”

Nik Karns, Marblehead

It’s funny to me how two weeks thousands of miles away from home can change you. After scaling Masada, visiting the City of David, staying in various beautiful hotels, going to the Western Wall, learning more about my Judaism, I finally realize how blessed I am to be Jewish.

Jesse Finn, Andover


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